About Us

‘Martina’s Agency’ is helping to facilitate the way you discover our world and lifestyle. Full of freedom, opportunities, knowledge, travel, friendships and fun, in the best (and verified) gentleman’s clubs worldwide.

The destination may be Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, … in other words “we do not have any boundaries”.

Martina’s Agency is managed by (you guessed right) Martina. Martina has a very good knowledge of this varied industry and there is not a lot she hasn’t seen as she was also wearing dancers shoes herself for many years while dancing.

Martina had the chance to see and dance in many clubs around the world. Some were average, some were good and others were excellent. Interestingly, it was not the looks of the club that determined how good it was, but it was the people working (colleagues, staff and management) and the atmosphere they created in the club that made a club average, good or excellent.

Martina also worked in cooperation with several agencies while she was dancing. Some of those agencies gave an excellent service to the girls, whilst others were just body shoppers that didn’t really take care of them. But even for the good ones there are, of course, always areas for improvement.

Martina used her years of experience with clubs and agencies as the inspiration to create her own agency. Her goal is to be better at filling in the gaps of the things she was missing while she was dancing herself.

‘Martina’s Agency’ is delivering an excellent service with her professionally trained, motivated and skilled dancers and hostesses, to achieve great customer satisfaction.