Code of Ethics

  1. Martina´s Agency s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as “the Agency”) is a company providing its registered dancers and hostesses with whom it has a contractual relationship with services consisting in arranging dance performances and temporary engagements, or temporary work of the hostess for its contractual partners.
  2. The Agency declares that all entities and persons interested in mediation of dancers or hostesses in the Agency’s database (hereinafter referred to as “Clients”) have undergone a rigorous selection procedure and have been informed of the Agency’s principles and terms and conditions of the contracts. Furthermore, the Agency declares that all dancers and hostesses have undergone a rigorous selection procedure and have been informed in advance of the Agency’s principles and terms of the contracts which they must follow.
  3. All information provided by the dancer or hostess to the Agency or to the Client must be up-to-date and true. Dancers and hostesses are required to inform the Agency of any and all matters having an impact on and affecting the work being mediated there.
  4. All communication between clients and dancers or hostesses about mediated job opportunities must be done exclusively through the Agency. If a dancer or hostess is approached by a Client or his/her guest with a job offer, she does not provide her own contact details, but always the Agency’s contact details.
  5. At the moment when the Client’s demand is approved by the Agency, the Agency will inform the dancer or hostess of the duration of the performance or engagement, or of the event, place and other details related to the inquiry. If the dancer or hostess is unable to fulfil her commitment for any reason, she is obliged to inform the Agency at least 48 hours prior to the performance, engagement or event.
  6. The dancer or hostess arranges the remuneration for the performance or work for the Client directly with the Client, usually according to the terms and conditions specified in the Client’s inquiry.
  7. Mediation of performances or engagement for dancers and work for hostesses is done by the Agency for dancers and hostesses free of charge.
  8. The Agency is not responsible for the conditions agreed by dancers or hostesses with Clients, but provides the dancers and hostesses with advisory services in connection with the mediated activity. The Agency makes every effort to ensure that dancers’ and hostesses’ contracts with Clients are transparent and beneficial to all parties involved and in accordance with the law.
  9. If the Agency mediates any performance, engagement or work for a dancer of hostess, the dancer or hostess is not entitled to conclude another identical or similar contractual relationship with the same Client without the Agency’s cooperation and assistance.
  10. If need be or interested, the Agency can provide dancers and hostesses a course or lessons of dance training, stylist training etc.
  11. Dancers and hostesses are obliged to notify the Agency of any and all problems or disputes with the Client and to inform the Agency of any action taken by the Client or action towards the Client in resolving such problems or disputes. The Agency will provide assistance to the dancer or hostess in resolving the dispute or problem, in particular for the purpose of amicable resolution of such a dispute and problem.
  12. The behaviour of dancers or hostesses representing the Agency which in any way threatens the reputation and goodwill of the Client and the Agency, especially drug use, alcohol abuse or prostitution, is prohibited. Dancers and hostesses are obliged to behave professionally, politely and respectfully to the Client, his/her employees and guests at all times. Dancers and hostesses are required to carry out mediated work for the Client conscientiously, to the best of their abilities, and to comply with legitimate instructions and requirements of the Client and senior employees.
  13. Throughout the period of the engagement, performance or work mediated by the Agency, including travel to and from the place of performance, accommodation etc., dancers and hostesses are required to act and behave in a decent and polite manner according to the principles of this Code of Ethics, terms and conditions of contracts concluded with the Agency and Client and good manners, especially not to damage the reputation and goodwill of the Agency and the Client.
  14. The dancer or hostess is responsible for a well-fitting and clean clothing or dress, and always performs her work stylised and neat. The dancer or the hostess does not wear the dress or clothing and does not travel in it (except for exams and preparation) outside the performance or the work of the hostess. Dancers and hostesses undertake to respect all legitimate requirements of the Client regarding the prescribed clothing and requested accessories, which were communicated to the dancers or hostesses in advance by the Agency. 
  15. In the event that the dancer or hostess is not able to arrive at the place of the engagement, performance or event in time (e.g. missed flight/train, flight/train delay or flight/train cancellation), she is obliged to inform the Agency and the Client immediately. 
  16. The Agency only works with clients who are committed to provide dancers and hostesses with a safe and clean working environment without any abuse or disadvantage, discrimination on grounds of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, language, belief and religion, political or other opinion, membership or activities in parties, movements, organizations and other associations, nationality, ethnic and social origin, property, gender, health, age, marital and family status or family responsibilities, except where provided for by law, or a substantive reason consisting in the nature of the work or the work required to do so. The dancer or hostess is obliged to immediately inform the Agency of any breach of these obligations.