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Do you like to amuse? Are you sociable, maybe a little bit of an exhibitionist? Are you smiling all the time? Do you leave the dance floor at sunrise?

In that case you’re in the right place and a job as a dancer perfectly suits you.

Information for dancers

Dancing, traveling, meeting interesting people, new friendships, build your confidence, a good salary and freedom… All of that you can get by dancing.

Clearly it is not just about positives, this job has negatives too and can be demanding, but it is worth it!

So let’s see what this job entails…

It is important to say that this job is form of self-presentation. You have to take care of yourself (health, food, body, skin, hair, nails – you should be clean) but also take care of your soul (always be kind and happy). You will be in touch with people, who want to have fun, smile and throw their troubles away while they watch beautiful, happy and sympathetic dancers. Don’t be shy to ask our make-up artist, who can help you. We cooperate with a professional make-up artist who works for FTV Prima.

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You also should be movement gifted, with feelings for rhythm and music. Don’t be scared to try it! They are things which you can learn.

We cooperate with choreographers who can help you to find your dance style helping you to feel more comfortable.

For beginners we offer a “Basic lesson” for free. We also offer private pole dance lessons for a discounted price.

If you want to travel the world or just some places this is right job for you. We will help you to fulfil a dream full of adventures but you have to speak a minimum of one world language (English, German).

This job can give you freedom, which everyone wants, but you have to be responsible as we are. We take care of your satisfaction and safety, as well as the club’s satisfaction.

Are you thinking about trying a job as a dancer? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Check your passport is valid and we can go on an adventure.

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