Terms and condition


  1. Martina´s Agency s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as “the Agency”) is a company providing registered dancers and hostesses with whom it has a contractual relationship with services consisting in arranging and mediating dance performances and temporary engagements, or temporary work of the hostess for their contractual partners, as the case may be. The Agency does not provide any sexual or erotic services.
  2. The Agency declares that all registered dancers and hostesses speak languages required by the Clients. The Agency further declares that all photographs and other information about dancers and hostesses placed on the Agency’s website or otherwise provided by the Agency to the Client credibly capture and describe the appearance of the dancer or hostess. If the above statements prove to be false, the Client is entitled to reject the dancer or hostess and such a dance or hostess shall be subsequently removed from the Agency’s database.
  3. The Client may only use or publish photographs of dancers or hostesses with the written permission of the dancer or hostess concerned and in accordance with legal regulations. The Client shall send a copy of the written consent to the Agency, either in writing or electronically. 
  4. All communication between Clients and dancers or hostesses about job opportunities must be done exclusively through the Agency. If a dancer or hostess is approached by a Client or his/her guest with a job offer, she does not provide her own contact details, but always the Agency’s contact details. Mediation of performances or any engagement for dancers and work for hostesses is done by the Agency for dancers and hostesses free of chargé.
  5. If a dancer or hostess is mediated and provided by the Agency to the Client, the Client is not entitled to conclude another identical or similar contractual relationship with the dancer or hostess without the Agency’s cooperation or assistance.
  6. In case the Client’s inquiry or demand is approved, the Agency will send a booking form to the Client which contains a summary of the agreed conditions, remunerations and fees, payment schedule and payment method. The Client confirms this summary and sends it back to the Agency. The conditions specified in the agreed booking form may only be changed or amended based on and with the agreement between the Agency and the Client. In the event that a particular dancer or hostess will not be able to perform the work for the Client, the Agency shall inform the Client immediately after having informed the Client thereof and, if it is in its power, will offer the Client adequate compensation under the same conditions.
  7. The dancer or hostess arranges the remuneration for the performance or work for the Client directly with the Client, according to the terms and conditions agreed between the Client the Agency. Mediation of performances or any engagement for dancers and work for hostesses is performed by the Agency for dancers and hostesses free of charge. The Client always pays the Agency’s fee and remuneration.
  8. The price for mediation of a dancer or hostess, agreed between the Client and the Agency, can only be changed in the event of a substantial change in the terms and conditions and with the consent of both the Client and the Agency.
  9. All invoices issued to the Client by the Agency are becoming due on the seventh day after its issuance. The amount of money is considered to be paid by crediting to the Agency’s bank account. The Client shall immediately inform the Agency of any delay in payment, in particular as regards international bank transfer.
  10. The Agency states that dancers and hostesses are committed to avoid any behaviour that would in any way endanger the reputation and goodwill of the Client and the Agency, particularly as regards drug use, alcohol abuse, drunkenness, prostitution or other sexual services. Furthermore, dancers and hostesses are committed to treat the Client, his/her employees and guests at all times professionally, politely and respectfully. Dancers and hostesses are required to carry out mediated work for the Client conscientiously, to the best of their abilities, and to comply with legitimate instructions and requirements of the Client and senior employees.
  11. Clients are obliged to communicate all their requirements regarding clothing or any necessary accessories of dancers and hostesses (props for performances, etc.) on time and in such a way that dancers can perform performances and hostesses perform the agreed work according to the Client’s requirements. In the event that this condition is not met by the Client, the dancer, hostess or the Agency shall not be liable for any damage incurred by the Client in connection with the non-compliance with this condition.
  12. The Client is responsible for ensuring the conditions at the place of performance of the dancer or providing the services of a hostess, especially legal, security and other conditions, conditions necessary for the proper performance of the work of a dancer or hostess.
  13. In case it is necessary to provide the dancers or hostesses with accommodation for the performance of their work and if not agreed otherwise, the Client will provide reasonable and adequate accommodation at his/her own expense, or upon agreement he/she will recommend an accommodation in the price range up to a maximum of EUR 15, – per night, in a hotel-type accommodation facility or equipped apartment (bed linen and blankets, food preparation utensils, etc.), clean, in a safe part of town or village , minimum 3* level, with a private bathroom, maximum of 2 same-sex roommates in one room, public transport availability or free transfer to the place of work and up to 15 minutes’ walk from the place of performance.
  14. As far as transport to the place of work is concerned, this is ensured by dancers and hostesses themselves. In this connection, the Client will be informed by the Agency of the expected arrival and arrival time of the dancer or hostess.
  15. The Client is obliged to immediately inform the Agency of any problems or disputes between the Client and a dancer or hostess. Similarly, the Client is obliged to inform the Agency of any action taken by the Client or towards the Client in solving them. The Agency undertakes to assist the Client in resolving disputes with a dancer or hostess, in particular for the purpose of resolving the dispute.

The Agency only works with Clients who are committed to provide dancers and hostesses with a safe and clean working environment without any abuse or disadvantage, discrimination on grounds of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, language, belief and religion, political or other opinion, membership or activities in parties, movements, organizations and other associations, nationality, ethnic and social origin, property, gender, health, age, marital and family status or family responsibilities, except where provided for by law, or a substantive reason consisting in the nature of the work or the work required to do so. The dancer or hostess is obliged to immediately inform the Agency of any breach of these obligations.